The NCO School Deputy Commander visits the “Soccorso Saloni” barracks in Viterbo.

Visit of a Slovenian delegation to the Non-Commissioned Officers School of the Army in Viterbo

A Slovenian delegation, led by the NCO School Deputy Commander Major Samo Strehar, has visited the Non-Commissioned Officers School of the Army in Viterbo. In that occasion the Slovenian colleagues have participated in activities concerning the education and the typical traditions of the School.

After the flag-raising ceremony, a briefing has been given about the educational path attended by the future platoon commanders of the Italian Army during their stay at the Institute in Viterbo.

The delegation has really appreciated the firm synergy between the School and the University of Tuscia, giving the opportunity to reach a strong and up-to-date education that is essential for those who will be protagonists in the main international crisis scenarios.

During the visit to the didactical-training infrastructures of the "Soccorso Saloni" Barracks, the Slovenian delegation could see the area dedicated to the VBS (Virtual Battle Space), a simulation system used to improve and evaluate the learning process of the main technical and tactical procedures.

The Non-Commissioned Officers School in Viterbo trains Marshals as platoon Commanders and Marshals as Professional Nurses. The educational path is developed through a university didactics, an intense gymnastic-sport activity as well as theoretical and practical military activities inside the school but also in training infrastructures on the national territory.