The US Ambassador in Kabul visiting the Italian contingent.

Tasks for Italy: training and advise of the Afghan Army

The Italian contingent of the TAAC West, based on the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade, has organized in the "Camp Arena" Base a series of meetings between the US Ambassador in Afghanistan, Mr. Hugo Llorens, and the main government authorities of the Herat province, along with the Commanders of the Afghan Police Forces of the regions, the representatives of educational institutes and of local enterprises.

Before officiating the forum, Ambassador Llorens has consulted with the Commander of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) Brigadier General Massimo Biagini about issues related to the security and the local leadership; he has also stressed on the strict collaboration between Afghanistan, United States and the NATO coalition for a joint effort aiming to a secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

Concluding the forum, the US Ambassador has thanked the Italian contingent, promoter of the event, adding that "the United States and the NATO partners, such as Italy, work with the Afghan population supporting the Security Forces that oppose to the violence of the extremists and the society to form the new generations for a peaceful and prosperous future".

Before the cooperation forum, organized by the Italian contingent, the Commander of the Resolute Support General Nicholson officiated a shura (meeting) in the Italian military base, receiving at Camp Arena the most important government authorities responsible for the security sector.

Now Italy is the second Nation to give its contribution in the NATO mission called Resolute Support; it is conducting activities of training, advise and assist in favour of the operational high commands of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces.