The executive phase of the CPX/CAX Orione 2017/1 of the 3rd Land Artillery Regiment closed.

The operational capability of the 3rd Land Artillery Regiment evaluated at the Ce.Si.Va.

At the Simulation and Validation Centre of the Army (Ce.Si.Va.) the 3rd Land Artillery Regiment, that will be employed in Kosovo on the framework of the KFOR (Kosovo Force) Peacekeeping International Force, has concluded the executive phase of the Command Post Exercice (CPX) and Computer Assisted Exercice (CAX). The training activity has had a particular operational importance because the mission in Kosovo will aim to support, along with the Moldavian, Austrian and Slovenian troops, the local institutions and guarantee a pacific and secure coexistence of the population, independently from the ethnic group.

During the exercice, aiming to test the operational capabilities of the Command Posts, according to the training objectives of the Higher Authorities and the Main Essential Task List (METL) considered by the Commander of the trained unit, the personnel of the 3rd Regiment has been evaluated for the planning capability and the production of orders, the monitoring of the situation and the updating of the Common Operational Pictures (COP), the management of the information and the emergency and the issuing of orders.

The Ce.Si.Va. represents the point of reference of the Army for the training simulation in the preparation of the Command Posts, the staff and the units to be employed outside the national territory. The activity of the Centre focuses on the organization of exercices aiming to certify the achievement of the operational capabilities considered as "essential" for the mission, through the use of computer systems technologically advanced for the simulation and the command and control, but also thanks to the collaboration of specialists and personnel that has already been employed in the Operational Theatre of reference.