source: NRDC-ITA

VJTF Commanders hosted at NRDC-ITA

Interoperability and integration as key factors to reduce risk

The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy hosted the second Land Component Command Commanders' Conference, a meeting between the Commanders of the Units that will establish the Very High-Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), under the responsibility of NRDC-ITA and the ones that will be hand over this task. NRDC-ITA is going to assume, as stated in the Long Term Rotation Plan (LTRP), the role of Land Component Command (LCC), starting from 1st January 2018. The event had been organized with the aim of building up a deeper and common understanding of the readiness requirements of this commitment. Members from national and allied Units, part of the Initial Follow On Forces Group (IFFG), at the moment in stand up or stand down as VJTF also attended the meeting.

The task of the VJTF is to assure the first and immediate NATO answer to possible threats, with the capability of deploying all the dedicated units between 5 and 15 days from the warning order. VJTF is the key component of the eNRF (Enhanced NATO Response Force), a military organization capable of immediate collective defence response and conducting crisis management and peace support operations.

During the meeting an integrated training program has been developed and interoperability solutions have been identified to enable an effective conduct of combined military operations as well as the necessary liaison network and Command and Control structure.

The importance of the standardization of the procedures and the simplification of the processes have been also highlighted, as key concepts, in order to minimize the complexity and risks related to the planning activity and execution of the whole spectrum during military operations, favoring integration and interoperability.