source: NRDC-ITA

Celebrated the transition with German-Netherlands Corps.

NRDC-ITA hand over NRF to 1 GNC

​Yesterday, in Munster (DEU), 1st German-Netherlands Corps headquarters, in presence of Lieutenant General John Thomson, LANDCOM Commander, the hand-over NRF LCC ceremony between NRDC-ITA, commanded by Lieutenant General Roberto Perretti, and 1 GNC, commanded by Lieutenant General Michiel van der Laan, took place.

NRDC-ITA handed over responsibility, after having taken the fourth time, to lead the NRF Land Component Command, after a hard and long period, which lasted throughout 2018, with the Command involved on several fronts, in order to maintain a high individual readiness level and enhance working procedures. A large number of activities were conducted in the field of training and formation, in which NRDC-ITA acted as national and allied training hub, hosting about 700 people.

The NATO Response Force, created in 2002, is a high readiness group of forces, technologically advanced and highly trained, with Land, Maritime, Air, Special Forces component and logistic support and personnel and vehicles provided in rotation by Member States, in order for the Alliance to comply all challenges to security, from collective defence to crisis management.

Following the decisions taken in the Summit of Wales in 2014, NRF have been reinforced with a very high readiness group of forces, named Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), extremely flexible and modular, able to mobilize promptly. Indeed, together with the transfer of power as NRF LCC between the two corps, a hand-over ceremony also took place as VJTF Land Brigade Commander between Brigadier General Angelo Michele Ristuccia, 132nd “Ariete” Armored Brigade Commander, cedant, and Brigadier General Ulrich Spannuth, 9th German Panzerlehr Brigade Commander, incoming.