source: NRDC-ITA

Students from University of Parma and LUISS of Rome at NRDC-ITA to complete the partnership started with “Brilliant Ledger 2017”.

“NRDC-ITA continues its cooperation with the academic community”.

NRDC-ITA hosted 63 students and teachers from University of Parma and LUISS University of Rome.

The young scholars accompanied by Prof. Giulio Tagliavini and Prof. Massimo Franchi for the University of Parma and Prof. Raffaele Marchetti for LUISS, lived for two days in close contact with the NRDC-ITA multinational staff.

The university delegation visited the Forward Tactic Command Post, Corps level, constituted inside the "Ugo Mara" Barracks, NRDC-ITA headquarters. Moreover, after a Military Combat Method (MCM) demonstration, they watched an exhibition of military vehicles and materials.

The activity ended with a presentation to NRDC-ITA Chief of Staff, Division General Maurizio Riccò, about the results of the analysis developed by the students during exercise "Brilliant Ledger 2017", recently closed, and sent by videoconference, within the exercise, to the Knowledge Development (KD).

KD is a NRDC-ITA functional branch, responsible for comprehension, in the implementation of "Comprehensive Approach" concept, of complex systems, through analysis of factors, not only military, but also political, economic, social, infrastructural and informative, in support of the Commander's decisions.

During "Brilliant Ledger", the aim of which was to verify NRDC-ITA capability to plan and conduct highly intensity operations as new enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF) Land Component, the students contributed to an operational environment analysis, appreciating in this way the direct application of studies to real situations, although referred to an exercise.

This brought a valid contribution in addition to a traditional analysis of military environment, in support to the Knowledge Development Team. For both University, the activity represented a useful tool to assess students' capacity acquired during the course of study.

The experience gained by NRDC-ITA in matters of cooperation with the academic community demonstrated that interaction civil-military in crisis management is not only possible, during planning and conduction, but it is also very useful in deep and complete knowledge of operational environment. This helps, in addition, to achieve the objectives more quickly, efficiently, in most cost-effective way and safer for military allied personnel.

NRDC-ITA will cover the role of NATO Response Force (eNRF) Land Component in 2018, as depicted in the NATO assets long period rotation plan. This is an advance rapid reaction military instrument that, for speed of intervention and operational capability deployable, allows the Alliance to face immediately any threat, for collective Defence or in crisis response.

In particular, under eNRF, NRDC-ITA will hold command and control of the Very Hight Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) land component, whose duty is to ensure the first and immediate NATO answer to possible treat, with the capacity to deploy all military assets between 5 and 15 days after warning order. VJTF is composed by an operational readiness multinational forces package, with which the Alliance have reinforced NRF structure. This is also supported by an air, maritime and Special Forces component.