source: NRDC-ITA

NRDC-ITA has successfully concluded the first NATO test on the NRF forces capabilities to rapidly deploy.

For the first time a NATO unit with high readiness tests capabilities of rapid deploy in an hypothetical area

​NRDC-ITA has been protagonist of the “Eagle Overland 2018” exercise carried out for the first time in a national and allied context. The exercise has represented the first opportunity for one of the NATO high readiness Forces to test the capabilities to deploy at high readiness in a hypothetical area of crisis, in accordance with the NATO standards.

“Eagle Overland 2018” has been planned and carried out by NRDC-ITA together with other operational assets of the depending and affiliated Units such as the “Ariete” Armoured Brigade that this year is covering the role of Very High Readiness Joint Task Force Land (VJTF-L) for NRF.

The exercise has aimed to test NRDC-ITA capabilities in rapidly deploying different operational assets of the Army from the national territory to Bucarest (Romania) passing through Slovenia and Hungary for a total of about 1800 km. In that way it has been possible to simulate the rapid deploy of the first Command, Control and Communication nucleus by NRDC-ITA in order to facilitate the intervention of the forces in a hypothetical area of crisis.

In coordination with other Allied Commands as well as the Authorities and Police Forces of the Countries crossed during the exercise, the planning activity conducted by NRDC-ITA has also tested the procedures to move the operational assets of the Army across the borders and the territories of the Alliance Countries.

A team composed of 50 specialists from NRDC-ITA staff and affiliated depending Units has moved without restrictions and using vehicles of the Army. After having reached the destination, the team has immediately established the first Command Post with encrypted satellite communication systems in order to facilitate possible deployment of other Units.

The activities have been coordinated together with the Army Operational Land Forces Command and Operational Command and monitored from the NRDC-ITA Headquarters Operations Room. In close contact with the NATO Multinational Division South East (MND-SE) in Bucarest and the NATO Forces Integration Unit (NFIUs) in Romania, the NRDC-ITA staff could provide an efficient Command and Control on all movements, visualizing and tracking them in real time through the applications of LOGFAS system (Logistics Functional Area Services). The exercise has also provided interesting lessons learned for the Italian and multinational Defence personnel, focusing on the procedures required for the transit and the tracking of movements, in coordination with NATO Authorities of the interested Countries.

“Eagle Overland 2018” has been organized in the framework of the activities aiming to maintain the high level of operational readiness of NRDC-ITA that since January 2018 is covering the role of Land Component Command (LCC) of the enhanced NATO Response Force (NRF). The NRF is the most important multinational and joint forces military instrument of the Alliance in defending the member States. Approved by the NATO Ministers of Defence, after the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2014, the NRF was reorganized in order to make it more efficient in facing the threats to the collective security.