source: NRDC-ITA

Memorandum of Cooperation between the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-ITA and LUISS of Rome.

Continuing synergies between the academic world and the military one

The NRDC-ITA Chief of Staff Major General Maurizio Riccò, representing the Command in Solbiate Olona (Varese), has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with LUISS University (Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli) in Rome, in presence of the Rector Prof. Paola Severino and the University General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto.

The Memorandum ensures the participation of selected students of LUISS to the Command activities, in support to the Development Knowledge (KD) team that is the functional branch of NRDC-ITA enabling the understanding of complex dynamics to support the Commander's decisions with a Political, Economic, Social, Means of Communication and Infrastructures analysis of the operational environment.

On the occasion of the "Brilliant Ledger 2017" exercice for Command Post, the students of LUISS will have the opportunity to test the capabilities acquired during the course in pragmatic and real circumstances.

NRDC-ITA will carry out that exercice next October in view of its role in 2018 as Land Component Command (LCC) of the eNRF (enhanced NATO Response Force), a military instrument for the Alliance of rapid reaction able to deploy rapidly in any crisis area. Moreover the NRDC-ITA staff will have the possibility to require specific support for topic and geographical area, giving assistance and consultation.

The experience of NRDC-ITA in the collaboration field with the academic world has proved that the civil-military interaction in crisis management is possible, in the planning and conduction phase, but it is also useful for a complete knowledge of the operational environment, contributing to reach the objectives in an efficient, economic and safe way for the Alliance military personnel.

The Memorandum with LUISS University comes after a recent agreement signed with the University of Parma on 5th September.