source: ITNCC Land, Erbil (IRAQ)

The Italian Air Task Group on a mission to Iraq continues its intense flight activity to ensure air mobility in the Iraqi theater

Commitment and sacrifice of all women and men from the “Baschi Azzurri”

In recent days, the "Griffon" Aircraft Task Group, a helicopter unit of the Italian Army engaged since spring 2016 in Operation Inherent Resolve, achieved a goal of absolute importance, reaching, in Iraqi theater, the 2000 hours flight with UH90 helicopters. This significant milestone, achieved only three years after the start of the operation, took place on the occasion of an Air Mobility mission conducted, in the Iraqi skies, in joint training with two US units, Chinook and Black Hawk of the Task Force "Gunfighter" . In particular, the UH90 of the "Griffon" Task Group ensured the transport of personnel and materials to the Coalition bases located in Q-West and Kirkuk.

 The UH-90 multi-role helicopter, supplied to the departments of the AVES (Army Aviation), was conceived, developed and built to be able to operate in different operational contexts, responding to all the specific requirements for tactical transport helicopters, ensuring high efficiency with reduced maintenance effort.

 The day and night ability to take off, operate and land, even in adverse weather conditions, with tactical flight profile and in a hostile environment, is made possible thanks to the integration of technologically advanced systems with a sophisticated self-protection system against earth threats air and air-air.

 The Italian Army increasingly in step with the technological advances applied to the operating sectors of expertise, joins the training of professional and highly trained soldiers with the use of the latest generation tools and operational resources. 

 This result represents the achievement of a further goal made possible also thanks to the constant synergy and professionalism expressed by the technical-maintenance staff that determines the full operational efficiency of the units in a climate-friendly Operating Theater.

 The staff of the Air Task Group Griffon, currently based on the 7th Regiment AVES. "Vega", Rimini, celebrates this important goal, the result of the commitment and sacrifice of all women and men of the Army in the “Baschi Blu” confirming the commitment to support the anti-Daesh coalition in the Operation "Inherent Resolve ".