Italian contingent of MISIN on mission in Niger has trained the Nigerien parachute battalion.

Joint activity between Italian and Nigerien army to support land control capabilities in a desert environment

​The MobileTraining Team (MTT) of the Bilateral Support Mission in Niger (MISIN), under the command of the Brigadier General Claudio Dei, has been engaged in a training activity in favor of the Nigerien paratrooper battalion.

The exercise aimed to strengthen land control capabilities in a desert environment, through training in planning and conducting reconnaissance activities, and for securing and mantaining these large areas.

This gave rise to a synergic joint activity between Italians and Nigeriens, which ended with the aviolancio of 150 parachutists (of which 9 Italians) of the Republic of Niger.

The purpose of the activity was, also to improve techniques for the targeted development of future infantry courses. The Italian Deputy Ambassador to Niger, Francesca Maria Orsini, and the Chief of Mission of the "European Union Capacity Building Mission" in Niger (EUCAP), Frank Van der Mueren, were the Special Guests for this important event.

Parachute jumps were made thanks to the support of the Paratroopers Brigade and the 46th Air Brigade of the Italian Air Force, which provided a C130 aircraft.