Sector West Joint Task Force Lebanon strengthens familiarization programs with quick reaction forces within the mission in Lebanon.

Increasing of Familiarization Deployment (FAMDEP) in Lebanon

​The five manoeuvre Task Forces, named ITALBATT, GHANBATT, IRISHBATT, ROKBATT, MALBATT and the Slovenian detachment, units under the Sector West (SW) Joint Task Force Lebanon (JTF-L), increased the familiarization programs (Familiarization Deployment – FAMDEP), both with the Sector Mobile Reserve (SMR) and with the Force Commander Reserve (FCR), aimed at mutual understanding of technologies and various operational framework.

SMR and FCR form the Quick Reaction Forces (QRF), at the disposal respectively of SW Commander and UNIFIL Commander, able to intervene in a very short time, upon request by the operation units on the ground.

In this respect, ITALBATT Italian soldiers, the Irish contingent (IRISHBATT), the Ghanaians (GHANBATT), the South Koreans (ROKBATT), the Malaysian contingent (MALBATT) and the Slovenians are increasing theoretical and practical training on the ground, in order to compare operational, technical-tactical procedures applied.

For almost a week, one of the manoeuvre Task Forces develops training in symbiosis with a QRF unit, for improving not only reactivity, interoperability and flexibility for the conduction of combined operations, but also for Command and Control structures (C2). In particular, also in the light of the timing related to Operation Northern Shield, an engineer work activity still conducted by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) along the Blue Line, combined programs were undertaken, aimed at increasing integrated patrolling of about 51 miles of Blue Line, in the West Sector, between Lebanon and Israel.

In this regard, SW Commander, Brigadier General Diodato Abagnara stated “familiarization increasing also has facilitated control of one of the most sensitive Middle East areas, the section of the Blue Line in the Sector. The activities carried out highlighted that procedures knowledge and their integration within UNIFIL, also with FCR, is a prerequisite for ensuring more integration and rapid decision making by the units on the ground, that already working in direct synergy and adherence.

The Sector Mobile Reserve (SMR), located at Shama compound, headquarters of the Italian contingent, consists of one recce coy, from Cavalry Regiment (19) of Salerno, equipped with “Lince” VTML and “Centauro” tanks. The Force Commander Reserve (FCR), instead, French-led, is able to react quickly, when required, in both sectors of UNIFIL mission, namely in SW, Italian-led, and in Sector East (SE), Spanish-led.