source: UNIFIL

The Italian Blue Helmets deployed in Lebanon organize the first gender meeting between UNIFIL female peacekeepers and LAF servicewomen.

“The seminar as an opportunity to discus and find solutions to problems and common challenges women in uniform facing”.

​The first gender meeting between 12 female peacekeepers and 5 servicewomen from Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) were organized at Shama Base, headquarters of Sector West Joint Task Force Lebanon.

The seminar was an opportunity for a mutual exchange of experiences, to discuss and find solutions to problems and common challenges women in uniform facing on a daily basis.

In this regard, in fact, it is entirely appropriate to develop new integrated capabilities, also in the light of UN Security Council resolution 2433/2018, which provides for ensuring a meaningful participation of female personnel in operation and a greater interaction between the different realities of UNIFIL and with LAF, and increasing the number.

In this respect, Sector West, in cooperation with the Mission Civil Affairs Office, through the participation of a representation of servicewomen from all dependent Task Forces (ITALBATT, ROKBATT, MALBATT, GHANBATT and IRISHBATT) and from the Chinese Contingent, was the promoter of this initiative, aimed at providing an overview on promotion prospect for women in other countries for LAF colleagues.

Indeed, it should be recalled that Lebanese women soldiers are employed only in administrative positions and their number would be around 4000 units, out of a total of 75000 enrolled, roughly 5%. UN Peacekeeping Operations Under-Secretary, Mr. Jean Pierre Lacroix, also attended, for a short meeting, the event “Exchange meeting between UNIFIL and LAF female soldiers”. The U.N. High Authority, in Lebanon for a 5-days visit, stated “women play a role increasingly essential in promoting peace worldwide. As patrol leader or gunner, in training or in contact with the people, are the essence of UNIFIL operation in Southern Lebanon.

The meeting, held within the Mission in Lebanon, was a complete success and the next stage, scheduled on 1 April 2019, is planning the doubling of contribution from Lebanese women soldiers and the involvement of Tanzanian military police and French Force Commander Reserve servicewomen.