Joint Task Force Lebanon (JTF-L) conducted 12000 logistic movement in 5 months.

“Sector West: 800,000 kilometers traveled by road since last 19 October”

​After almost 5 months from the assumption of the command in the Land of the Cedar, 12000 logistic movement were performed in the Joint Task Force Lebanon (JTF-L) – Sector West area of responsibility, based on “Garibaldi” Bersaglieri Brigade, of which over 5500 carried out by Italian Blue Helmets, or almost 50% of total.

The results achieved run in tandem with the contextual increase of joint operations conducted on the ground with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), risen from initial 12 to 23%, and of Blue Line patrolling, in keeping with National Contingent standards. The Blue Helmets of Leonte XXV, in mission in Lebanon, operate in a theatre very articulate where U.N., in order to carry out the mandate, employ civilian and military component; the relations between these components and even more with local population and Lebanese Security Forces, appear to be absolutely complex.

In addition, JTF-L provides “integrated” support (national and UNIFIL) to Italian Contingent components, as well as to the other contingents operating in the Sector (Armenia, Brunei, Croatia, Ghana, Ireland, Republic of Macedonia, Malesia, Malta, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Slovenia and Tanzania), in line with the arrangements signed by Italy.

The task is being performed through a logistical structure able to guarantee support to national and international units, ensuring continued liaison, with the Transit Logistic Area, between Homeland and the port and airport of Beirut. In this context, to meet the resulting needs, the identification of resources, the supply capacity building and the maintenance and use of them, JTF-L uses an efficient logistic system, designed to streamline the necessary support to operation, in order to minimize risks and costs and maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

In particular:
  • The Combat Service Support Battalion (CSS-BN) ensures support through its transportation, supply and maintenance components, medical structures and disinfection units;
  • The Combat Support Battalion (CS-BN) guarantees the daily functionality of the unit through the deployment of a Signal Coy, with special assets, such as Italian Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) and Electronic Warfare (EW) and Croatian Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) – Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD);
  • The Infrastructure Management Centre (IMC) shall perform the activities of technical and maintenance support for the military bases, by developing technical-administrative procedures and carrying out maintenance, upgrading, renewal and new building work;
  • In addition, the Joint Multimodal Operation Unit (JMOU), national asset under the Italian National Contingent Commander of UNIFIL Command in Naqoura, deals with the management of incoming and outgoing transits of people, vehicles and materials. The movement may take place singly or by combining different mode of transport: by truck, flexibly and rapidly; on rail, generally cost-effective; by sea, extremely cheaper and by air, extremely quickly. Since 19 October last year, Sector West units have traveled by road more than 800,000 kilometers, for tactic-logistic transport from and to Beirut ALT, to support the contingent in the area of responsibility. The complex logistics machinery is part of a very articulated and complex system and must be always coherent, seamless, in the fulfilment of the mandate and in the implementation of the UN resolution 1701/2006, legal basis of UNIFIL Mission.