source: KFOR

Completed a CIMIC project cycle to support many training institutes during the mission in Kosovo.

“CIMIC projects in favor of many Kosovar schools”.

​An important CIMIC (Civilian Military Cooperation) project in favor of many Kosovar schools, ended on 5 December, with a donation of some teaching aids for the realization of a computer lab for the Orthodox Seminary of Prizren.

Since the first months of the mandate, now near to its end, of 5th Alpine Regiment (framework unit of the Italian contingent in Kosovo), CIMIC personnel worked hard in order to achieve a series of measures aimed at improving local schools’ conditions. 

In this context several healthcare inspections were made in four educational facilities of different municipalities (two in Pec/Peja, one in Istok/Istog and Junik), for ensuring heal and disinfestation interventions of the rooms for pupils, through Italian Army specialized teams.

Furthermore, some important renovation works were completed in a primary school near Budisavci/Budisallci (municipality of Klina); after being granted Italian national funding, a project of fixtures replacement of the building, started in 2017 could be completed, by providing better environmental conditions for the children.

Several teaching aids and sports equipment were given to five schools in the area of responsibility of Multinational Battle Group – West (multinational unit in which a large number of Italian personnel deployed in Kosovo belong); these aids will make teaching more effective and efficient.

All these interventions have been always guided with the impartiality leading the KFOR mission in Kosovo, bearing in mind the importance of schooling for children and teenagers’ education; the important task to overcome distrust related to multi-ethnicity is entrusted to them, to ensure a better future.