A delegation of the Austrian Military Academy has visited the homologue educational Institute in Modena.

Visit of an Austrian delegation to Modena

A delegation led by Major General Karl Pronhagl, Commander of the Austrian Military Academy, has recently visited the homologue educational Institute in Modena. The delegation of three Officers, two Non-Commissioned Officers and twenty-two Cadet Officers has been welcomed by the Commander of the Military Academy of Modena, Brigadier General Stefano Mannino, who has greeted the guests after a brief meeting with the Austrian Commander.

The intense visit program has started with a briefing for the Austrian colleagues about the education of an Officer of the Italian Army, followed by the viewing of the "Una Acies" video.

After that the hosted delegation has firstly visited the historical, architectural and cultural heritage in the Historical Museum and the State Apartments of the Ducal Palace and later the rest of the Institute. In the afternoon, in "Sala dello Stringa", Major General Karl Pronhagl has thanked Brigadier General Stefano Mannino for the hospitality and cordiality, before the traditional exchange of gifts that concluded the visit of the Austrian delegation in Modena.