The Chief of General Staff of the Army meets Italian soldiers deployed in Lebanon.

“Lieutenant General Danilo Errico greets Italian soldiers in Lebanon”.

During his speech, the Chief of General Staff of the Army thanked all men and women of the contingent for their daily work. General Errico pointed out that our soldiers fulfill always the tasks assigned, also in extremely delicate zones, such as that of South Lebanon, through their great professionalism.

Italy deploys in the South Lebanon area of operation about 1100 soldiers, now based on "Folgore" Paratroopers Brigade, which represent the main component of the West Sector Command of UNIFIL Mission, under the leadership of Brigade General Rodolfo Sganga.

In Shama, there are also staff from Bilateral Mission MIBIL, responsible for Lebanese Armed Forces training, as well as the prestigious task to drill the Lebanese Republic Presidential guard, that conduct about 50 education courses per year in favor of Security Forces.

At the UNIFIL Mission Headquarters in Naqoura, Italy is present with about 100 soldiers of ITALAIR Task Force, 50 of them represent the operational flight group. Task Force ITALAIR has been in Lebanon since 1978. They have six AB 212 helicopters and with their flight crews have carried out, to this day, almost 40000 flying hours in recognize, transportation and emergency or medical evacuation missions.

The blue helmets have the task to guarantee an efficiency and sustained deployment of the Lebanese Armed Forces, monitoring that the area of operation, which occupies all South Lebanon up until Tyre, is not used for illegal activities, as well as to provide security and movement freedom for UN staff, humanitarian operators and protect civilian population from imminent physical threats.