source: SME

19 students from LUISS with the Italian soldiers of the Multinational Battle Group West.

LUISS University and Centre for the Security Force Assistance (SFA)

​On the framework of a collaboration between the Ministry of Defense and the "Guido Carli" LUISS University in Rome, a delegation of 19 students has attended a stage in Kosovo for a week, organized and led by the Italian soldiers from the KFOR Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W).


The Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W) is located in a compound named "Villaggio Italia", near the town of Pec/Peja. The main cell of this Unit is composed of the 3rd Field Mountain Artillery Regiment from the Julia Alpine Brigade, based in Remanzacco (UD), that also includes soldiers from Slovenia, Austria and Moldova; the 7th Signal Regiment from Sacile provides logistic and communication support. The Commander is Colonel Enzo Ceruzzi. It is the main combat unit under the KFOR Commander in western Kosovo.


Before departing to Kosovo, the students attended a specific activity of preparation at the Centre for the Security Force Assistance (SFA) of the Infantry School in Cesano di Roma, under the guide of the General Staff of the Italian Army. Through theoretical and practical lessons, they acquired basic notions in order to face successfully the subsequent part of the stage abroad.


The students have lived together with the Italian soldiers from the Multinational Group, sharing operational activities and meeting important representatives of the political, economic and social Institutions, within the academic environment, the municipal administrative framework, the protection and conservation of the cultural heritage, the industry and the ethnic and religious traditions.


During his welcome speech, Colonel Enzo Ceruzzi has described this exclusive experience as a fundamental resource that is able to transmit a sum of knowledge representing for the students a great competitive advantage for the full comprehension of the "Sistema Paese".


At a time that the approach to problems is comprehensive, it is important to create occasions of reciprocal knowledge between the Armed Forces and the academic system; only in this way it is possible to create between the future managers of the Armed Forces, institutions and civil environment that common language and objectives sharing, needed when working side by side in Italy and abroad, in order to maintain the "Sistema Paese".