source: KFOR

Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W): joint training for the defence against incendiary device (fire phobia training).

In Kosovo the Army implements the training for the crowd control with Hungarian team

The Hungarian team of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Manoeuver (KTM) battalion has implemented the crowd control training through the reaction to incendiary device (fire phobia) of an Italian company and a Moldavian platoon, at the "Slim Lines" Camp training area.

The multinational manoeuver battalion of the MNBG-W, composed by three companies (Italian, Slovenian, and Austrian) and a Moldavian platoon, carries out joint training activities in order to guarantee the standardization of the procedures of tactical actions defined by the UN Security Council Resolution n.1244.

In particular, the multinational contingent with Italian leadership operates following three guidelines aiming to guarantee the security of the Decane Monastery, monitor the freedom of movement in the western area of Kosovo and promote the economic and social development of the Kosovan population through projects of Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC).