source: KFOR

KFOR Commander, Division General Salvatore Cuoci, thanks Italian Armed Forces and multinational component personnel.

“KFOR Commander in official visit at “Villaggio Italia” Compound”

​KFOR Commander, Division General Salvatore Cuoci, visited officially “Villaggio Italia” Compound, where he was welcomed by the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W) Commander, based on 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment, Alpine Brigade “Julia”.

General Cuoci, during the meeting with Italian and international personnel, expressed his satisfaction for the results achieved, pointing out that the work done by men and women of MNBG-W is very appreciated by Kosovo Institutions and population.

Soldiers of Austria, Italia, Moldavia and Slovenia formed the Command and the Multinational Monouvre Battle Group West, Italian leaded, with the task of security and protection for the Monastery of Decane, as a first responder, of movement freedom check in the Kosovo west sector, of implementation of CIMIC projects, aimed to improve services for local population, in healthcare and school and of joint patrolling with the Kosovo Police, synchronized with Serbian Armed Forces, nearby the Administrative Boundary Line, between Kosovo e Serbia, in order to prevent illicit and violent activities.