Course for Maintenance Technicians of the Armoured Centauro vehicle at the Transports and Materials School.

Synergies between Italian Army and Jordanian Army

After the Kingdom of Jordan has acquired the “Centauro Armoured Vehicle”, a course for the qualification to carry out maintenance activities is ongoing at the Transports and Materials School of the Logistic Supports Command, in order to create a group of maintenance technicians for that vehicle.

The nine-week course aims to give the twelve attenders of the Jordanian Armed Forces the capabilities necessary to carry out the main maintenance operations to some parts of the Centauro Armoured Vehicle such as engine, tower, armament, electric-hydraulic and electronic components.

The course is organized in theoretical and descriptive lessons on how the different components of the vehicle work and in practical activities where the attenders can disassemble the vehicle and carried out maintenance operations under supervision by the School Instructors.

After the planned nine weeks the attenders will receive the basics necessary to ensure the correct management of maintenance and repairing operations for an efficient use of the Armoured Centauro vehicles that the Kingdom of Jordan has acquired.

The Logistic Supports Command of the Army has got depending units dedicated to the logistic support that ensure logistic capabilities in operation, in terms of direct support to Complex Great Units or projectable Divisions of the Army. The Transports and Materials School, at its dependencies, represents the Army Institute responsible for the specialized education of military personnel on armament materials, transports and Info-logistics.