Ended the training on techniques and procedures for the Crowd Control in favour of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Lebanese Armed Forces trained to control the crowd

The Italian maneuvre unit of the Joint Task Force – Lebanon (ITALBATT), based on the 8th "Lancieri di Montebello" Regiment and led by Colonel Massimo Crocco Barisano Colizza, has organized and carried out a two-week training in favour of a platoon of the 5th LAF Brigade, in order to give it the capabilities necessary to oppose a crowd of hostile people.

For fifteen days the instructor personnel of the "green lancers" has explained and showed practically the approach towards the crowd, the posture and the formation to assume depending on the hostile people that it made up of; it has also showed how to recognize them and isolate the key elements that influence the crowd. The equipment and its use is essential to face the situation and its developments, as well as the rules of engagement that every unit has to respect.

The training of the LAF, deployed in Southern Lebanon, is one of the most important activities required by the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, in addition to the support to local people through Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities and the continuous patrol of the Blue Line.