source: Alpine Troops Command

Security and peacebuilding missions: Italian Army and UN train together in Pinerolo.

“Training between Alpines from Taurinense Brigade and UN Staff College”

The final exercise of the course, performed by United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) of Turin and conducted, for the practical part, by Alpine Brigade "Taurinense", took place today at the training area of Baudenasca.

The course, included in the frame of the program "Safe and Secure Approach in Field Environments (SSAFE) Course for Surge Deployment", aimed to form the instructors that, according to the "train the trainer" principle, will teach other staff members what they have learned.

28 participants conducted a very realistic training, through simulation of scenarios and situations, in which UN Staff Members could face in crisis areas and highly dangerous environments worldwide. An exercise module, played in the Baudenasca training area (near Pinerolo), enhanced by experience and resources that Alpine Brigade Taurinense have acquired in the past 25 years, of its participation in operations in Mozambique, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

The activity was developed through a series of highly realistic modeling, in which staff members implemented what learned during the course, experiencing main situations that could occur in a hypothetical crisis theatre and recreated accurately by Alpines from 3rd Regiment of Pinerolo.

A realistic scenario, with different levels of emotional involvement, reached through simulation of illegal roadblock, hostage situation, armed attack and other critical situation requiring the adoption of technical, tactical and security specification.

This just completed session is one of a number of "field day", performed in accordance of a Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 14 June 2017, between the Italian Defense Staff and the United Nations System Staff College, for training cooperation. Another session was held on 28 September, as part of the Safe and Secure Environment course for Junior Professional Officers (JPO), addressed to 40 operators from numerous UN agencies, and aimed to acquire basic attitudinal notions in realistic situations, to use in the conduct of the assignment under UN. With the organizational and training support in practical activities from UNSSC, Italian Armed Forces personnel attend courses carried out by the same college.