The liaison Officers of Spain and Germany visit the Artillery Command.

Potentialities of the simulation systems of the Army illustrated

​The Artillery Command has been visited by the liaison Officers of the General Staff of the Army of Spain and Germany.

After the first greetings by the Artillery Commander Brigadier General Fabio Giambartolomei, Lieutenant Colonel Barrio Adiego (ESP) and Lieutenant Colonel Bandahi Thorsten (DEU) have participated in a series of reports about the organization and the vehicles used by the Italian artillery units as well as development projects of “scholar weapon” in the framework of ongoing transformation.

In the afternoon the foreign Officers have visited an exposition of artillery systems and equipment and of the main simulation centres at the Artillery Command; they have also participated in practical demonstrations by the personnel of the training regiment, the Fires&Targeting Centre and INFOOPS where the have appreciated the potentialities of the simulator of Pzh2000 howitzer, the Fires Arms Training Systems (FATS) and the Indirect Fire – Forward Air Control Trainer (I-FAC).