source: RISTA-EW Brigade

Second edition of the International Forum on the intelligence component of the Italian Army.

“RISTA-EW Brigade devise and organize the “Intel Exchange Forum with the participation of US personnel”

​In recent days, at the “Santa Barbara” barracks in Anzio, headquarters of RISTA-EW Brigade, the second edition of the “Intelligence Exchange Forum” took place. Sector specialists from Italian Army RISTA-EW operational organization and a US Army delegation attended this international event.

From among the broad range of topics dealt with, important instances are the study orientated to procedural standardization, the common rules for information exchange, formation of professionals of the sector, through training with a depth level of specialized knowledge, result of operational experience gained by all the participants. During the period spent in Anzio, the American delegation, accompanied by those responsible of the activity, visited the “Sicily-Rome American Cemetery” in Nettuno, where the flag-raising ceremony took place.

The Commander of RISTA-EW Brigade, Brigadier General Giuseppe Tortorelli, addressing to all participants, expressed great satisfaction and highlighted the success of the activity, within the framework of the fruitful and continuous cooperation between the two allied counties.