Major General William C. Hix of the US Army has visited the Lazio-Umbria-Abruzzo Group of Safe Streets, led by the “Sassari” Brigade.

The performed activities and the results achieved illustrated to the American General

Yesterday afternoon at the "Gandin" Barraks in Rome, the Commander of the Lazio-Umbria-Abruzzo Group of the "Safe Streets" Operation met the American Major General William C. Hix, Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy, Deputy Chief of Staff G-3/5/7, of the Headquarters for the Department of the US Army, on the framework of the bilateral talks between the Italian Army and the US Army.

Accompanied by Brigadier General Franco Federici, Chief of the 3rd General Planning Department of the General Staff of the Army, the American Senior Officer participated in a briefing where the Operation and the goals reached have been illustrated; then he visited the Operation HQ and the control room that coordinates the 2,000 soldiers of the Group.

The American General showed a particular interest in the way the activities are carried out, especially in the results achieved. Later, going around the city of Rome he could see the military presence in action, particularly around one of the main symbols: the Colosseum.

The personnel of the Lazio-Umbria-Abruzzo Group performs patrol activities of sensitive places in the three regions of the area of responsibility, in particular in the Capital, such as monuments, places of worship, Embassies, harbors, airports, railway and underground stations. Since 31st March 2017 the "Sassari" Brigade is responsible for the Operation at the Lazio-Umbria-Abruzzo Group Command.