source: SME

General Farina is the new Chief of General Staff of the Army; he takes over from General Danilo Errico.

“General Farina: “I will dedicate every minute of my mandate to be in your service”

​The Chief of General Staff of the Army succession ceremony between Lieutenant General Danilo Errico and Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina took place this morning at “Rossetti” barracks, in the “Cecchignola” military compound. Before the ceremony, there was a tribute to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, with the laying of a laurel crown, symbol of the humblest memory of the all wars Fallen.

The passage of the War Flag of the Army between General Errico and General Farina established officially the succession in the function of Chief of General Staff of the Army, in presence of the President of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Paolo Gentiloni, the Minister of Defence, Sen. Roberta Pinotti, the Under-Secretary of State, Mr. Domenico Rossi, the Chief of Defence Staff Claudio Graziano, with numerous military, civilian and religious authorities.

After having thanked all the guests, General Errico, at the end of a 44-year-long career, made a particular mention of all personnel of the Army, now deployed in training, operational preparation and operation in Italy and abroad. He said: “In these last three years you have always worked with silent dedication and prompt generosity, free from instrumental limelight or fruitless victimhood, often far from the muffled footlights, projecting on the field – “over the obstacle” – the best efforts, physical, moral and intellectual, as usage and tradition of this organization, which has always constituted a firm point of reference both for citizens and authorities, in times of need for the population and for the Nation”.

During her speech, Minister Pinotti stated that the Army has proved, once again, to be irreplaceable, at Home and abroad. In Italy, during internal security operation in support of law enforcement or in relief activity in favor of people suffering because of natural disasters, the Army has been always present, and has assumed abroad new commitments, without leaving unfinished an effort that in years past cost us many sacrifices.

General Graziano, during his speech, said that, in a period of big transformation for the Armed Forces, there is necessity again of our soldiers, in order to increase the perception of security at Home. In inter-force area, the Army is the first resource and the armed force that employs a major effort, with about 4000 women and men worldwide, and mostly to them deserves our plaudits.

General Farina, coming from NATO JFC (Joint Force Command) Brunssum, of which was the first Italian Commander, after having thanked General Errico “for his skillful work at the head of the Army” and all the previous commanders of the Army, he spared a thought for all men and women of the Army, stating “it is undeniable that the merit is mainly yours, who work every day with professionalism and dedication in the service of the Country. I will dedicate every minute of my mandate to be in your service. I will always be among you, ideally and on the field, in operation and training, in educational institutions or in barracks”.

The Army employs nowadays 4000 soldiers in 15 countries, such as Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, Somalia and Mali, with tasks of development cooperation, stabilization and reconstruction support, local security forces training, namely all the activities called Security Force Assistance (SFA).

More than 7000 soldiers are employed in Italy in “Secure Roads” Operation, in support of Police Forces, for protection and vigilance; this activity is particularly important in Campania, against the emergency of the “land of the fires” and in Central Italy, in those areas affected by the earthquake in 2016, where specialized units of the Army operate in a large number of activities in favor of the people and municipalities of the seismic craters.