The “dimonios” of the 151st “Sassari” Infantry Regiment carry out a “Combat Camera” course in favour of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the Iraqi Police.

Italian Army soldiers organize the first “Combat Camera” course in favour of the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Army

The “Praesidium” Task Force has concluded the first “Combat Camera” course in favour of the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Army staff. In particular, on request of the local security forces, qualified “dimonios” operators of the 151st “Sassari” Infantry Regiment have organized a course in different theoretical-practical modules. During the three-week course the attenders of the local security forces have acquired specific technical skills as well as the awareness of the increasing importance of pictures in modern communication.

The course aimed to train local security forces to use video-photographic device in support of the operational communication and in the investigative collection carried out by the Iraqi Police forces, but also in the classification and the finding of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) or Improvised Explosive Device (IED) by the Iraqi Army.

The “Combat Camera” course has been part of the educational offer addressed to the Counter-Terrorism Iraqi forces, the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Power Police; that offer has also provided for courses such as C-IED, First Aid, Urban Fighting and Sharp Shooting. The above-mentioned course has been organized at the advanced base of Mosul Dam by the Army staff of the Combat Camera Team of the “Praesidium” Task Force. After an initial phase concerning the use of technical device, there has been an evaluative-practical phase aiming to test the learning level of the Iraqi attenders that the instructors of the 151st “Sassari” Infantry Regiment has really appreciate.

In the framework of the “Inherent Resolve” Operation, the “Praesidium” Task Force, based on the 151st “Sassari” Infantry Regiment, is in charge to protect the Mosul Dam in cooperation with the local security forces that are the Counter Terrorism Service, the National Security Service and the Iraqi Police. The “Praesidium” Task Force ensures the defence of the dam, a strategic place for Iraq, and it guarantees the security of the USACE military and civil personnel and of the Trevi company employed in renovating the infrastructure.