source: CSOE

Another success for the athlete of the Army in the final of skeet shooting World Cup

“For the first time, the World Cup is Italian”.

In the third day of competition scheduled for the final phase of the skeet-shooting World Cup 2017 in New Delhi (India), Corporal Riccardo Filippelli won the gold medal in the "skeet" men specialty, setting a new world record.

With this success, the athlete of the Army, already a winner in the first phase of World Cup held even at that time in New Delhi on 2 march 2017, won the World Cup 2017 for this specialty, a first for an Italian.

During the competition, the shooter from Pistoia made only a fault at fourth skeet, before a very long series of centers that placed him in third position, with 39/40 score.

In the final Filippelli engaged a last skeet challenge with the Argentinian, Federico Gil and the British, Ben Llewellin, at the end of which our athlete gained the victory, overcoming also Gabriele Rossetti, Olympic and World defending Champion.