“Friuli” Airmobile Brigade trains in the “Airmobile Permanent Training II 2017”.

“Continuous and realistic training for “Friuli” Airmobile Brigade”.

Exercise “Airmobile Permanent Training II 2017”, conducted at “G. Vassura” airport, 7° “Vega” AVES Regiment of Rimini headquarters, ended in recent days. It allowed “Friuli” Airmobile Brigade staff to assess and certify the achievement of full operational capability (FOC) of subordinated units, now ready to be deployed abroad, through the conduction of training activities in a complex scenario.

550 soldiers, with 22 helicopters and various weapon systems, participated in the activity. In particular, with the conduction of tactical activities and the analysis of many case studies, result of valuable experiences abroad, the synergy between 66th “Trieste” Infantry Airmobile Regiment platoons with multi-role UH 90, scouting and protection AH 129 helicopters from 5th “Rigel” AVES Regiment and with CH 47 from 1st “Antares” AVES Regiment was refined.

Some units from 121st “Ravenna” Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, 186th “Folgore” Paratrooper Regiment, 6th General Support Logistic Regiment, 7th “Sacile” Signals Regiment, 41st “Sorao” Artillery Regiment, 3rd “Aldebaran” REOS Regiment and “Friuli” Command and Tactical Supports Unit also took part in the exercise.

During his speech, the Airmobile Brigade Commander, General Salvatore Annigliato, expressed great satisfaction for the brilliant conduction of this important exercise, after a long training cycle of all units of the Brigade, seamless and investing a great deal. The high level of training, interoperability and knowledge of procedures achieved by personnel during exercise was very appreciated and in particular the capability to conduct activities of Personnel Recovery, Airmobile Raid, Quick Reaction Force and Medical Evacuation. ​