End of combined exercise “Steel Barrier 17”, led by “Acqui” Division Command.

“End of exercise “Steel Barrier 17”, led by Acqui Division”.

The exercise "Steel Barrier 17", committed for 2017 by COMFOTER COE to the Southern Operational Forces Command and to its combat unit, the "Acqui" Division, ended in recent days. "Steel Barrier 17", guided and conducted by D. "Acqui", is a multi-unit exercise, to which other minor exercises have been linked, such as the 2nd Operational Integration Session of "Pinerolo" Brigade (SIO), the "Joint Rapid Reaction Force" of "Aosta" Brigade and "LRF" of "Garibaldi" Brigade, the "Shardana" of Artillery Command, the "Torre Romana Marconi" of Signals Command, the "Smart Sapper" of Engineering Command and the "Tormenta Muralia" of Infantry School. 

The close coordination between all Command Posts, deployed in different ranges and training areas, which include Torre di Nebbia, Capo Teulada, Monteromano, Piacenza, Cesano di Roma, Torre Veneri and Persano, has led to exercise at the same time, on the same scenario, different order levels, with troops on the field, conducting high intensity operations, in accordance with doctrine and NATO procedures, within the framework of a simulated intervention in a crisis area, as a consequence of  strong instability or threat for a State of the Atlantic Alliance.

In this contest, "Steel Barrier 17" represented a great opportunity of coordination and confrontation, which allowed elaborating and exploring doctrinal concepts constantly evolving, such as the Battle Space Management, the Targeting and the deployment of the Joint Fire Support Element (JFSE), Combat Support and Combat Service Support Units in operation, by taking advantage at the same time of new technologies and modern weapon systems, developed in the "Forza NEC" project. In particular, the 2nd Operational Integration Session (SIO) 2017, conducted by "Pinerolo" Brigade during the testing campaign of "Forza NEC" (Network Enabled Capability) project, a combined Defence-Industry program, was designed to gain an effective capacity of operating completely digitized, using Command and Control System, tactical vehicles and individual equipment, acquired under the program "Soldato Futuro".  

"Steel Barrier 17" has many aspects in common with the scenario played by Acqui during the exercise "Arrcade Fusion 17", international activity guided by NATO British Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC-UK), to which Acqui is affiliated for years.