source: COMFOP North

The multi weapon activity has permitted to reach different training objectives.

Exercise carried out in the framework of the training activities for VJTF 2018

The “Dart Armoured” exercise has recently carried out at the Shooting Range building of Cellina Meduna; it consisted in a complex multi weapon activity, with opposed parts, organized by the Command of the 132nd “Ariete” Armoured Brigade for the maintenance of the operational standard of the assets included in the force package for the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) 2018.

The exercise had multiple training objects such as improving conceptual, organizational and executive capabilities that are necessary for the operational employment of the multi weapon system; testing and potentially perfecting the technical-tactical procedures of the manoeuvre units, by focusing the attention on the coordination between the combat units and the support ones; consolidating the amalgam between the units of the complex.

The exercise has been carried out through offensive and defensive activities in a hypothetical war-fighting scenario, in presence of assets from the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment – in quality of primary training audience – the 187thParatroopers Regiment, the 32ndTanks Regimentand 132nd Tanks Regiment, the 5th “Rigel” Aviation Regiment, as well as units from the 10th Sappers Engineer Regiment with bridging capabilities, the 41st “Sorao” Regiment and the 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment. Numerous vehicles and weapon systems have been used including 16 “Ariete” tanks, with BT46 shooting simulator, 21 “Dardo” armoured vehicles, 6 “Lince” Multi-role tactical vehicles, rotary-wing aircrafts (2 A129 and 1 AB helicopters) and fixed-wing aircrafts (1 C130J), a “Raven” and rescue tanks.

During the activities they were present the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy (NRDC-ITA) Commander - Lieutenant General Roberto Perretti, the “Friuli” Division Commander – Major General Carlo Lamanna and the 132nd “Ariete” Armoured Brigade Commander – Brigadier General Michele Ristuccia.

The “Dart Armoured” is part of a training process started in 2016 with the “Summer Tempest” exercise and continued in 2017 with the “Iron Armoured”, “Bright Armoured” and “Brilliant Ledger” exercises in which the assets included in the forces for the VJTF 2018 could show their intervention capabilities in full spectrum operations. They are request to maintain those capabilities through continuity, constant test of the procedure validity, orientation to the result, tactical sensibility and flexibility of the leaders who must develop capabilities in understanding the difficult scenarios.

The commitment of the VJTF force package led by the “Ariete” Brigade is continuing in autumn with the “Trident Juncture 2018” exercise; it is taking place in Norway and it will be the most demanding training activity of the Atlantic Alliance in the last twenty years, with the participation of over 40.000 soldiers coming from more than 30 Nations. ​