source: KFOR

Intense cross training for the Multinational Battle Group West.

Joint training to test the rapid reaction capability

The maneuver Units of the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W) have recently carried out an intense cross training activities concerning the crowd control, the public order management in case of protests and hostile multitudes near a protect area, training activities in mountain to increase the operational capability against possible threats and lessons on the shooting using portable weapons.

The multinational maneuver Battalion, based on the 3rd mountain Artillery Regiment of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade, has deployed maneuver units constituted by Austrian, Italian, Moldavian and Slovenian servicepersons in the exercice area of "Villaggio Italia" Camp, in the mountain area of Belo Polje and near the firing range of Orahovac.

Carried out by servicepersons from 4 different nations, this joint training has aimed to test the capabilities of rapid reaction in case of hostile crowd, to improve movement and orienteering techniques along a mountain path, to maintain the operability in using portable weapons and to improve the mutual knowing and the interoperability.

The training represents an important occasion to maintain a complete operational capability and consolidate the standardization of the technical-tactical procedures. It is also part of the activities authorized by the UN Security Counsil Resolution 1244 that intends to guarantee the security of the Decani Monastery, to maintain freedom of movement, to prevent violence and to develop Civil and Military Cooperation projects in support to the economic growth of Kosovo.