source: Multinational CIMIC Group

The national Representatives of the CIMIC Group meet in Motta di Livenza.

27th edition of the Coordinating Committee of the specialized Unit of the Army

From 24th to 26th May, the 27th Multinational CIMIC Group Coordinating Committee where the representatives of the six contributing Nations (Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Hungary and Portugal) participate in, took place at the "Merio Fiore" Barracks in Motta di Livenza. The main contribution to the meeting was given by the Italian Colonel Marco Longo, MNCG Commander, who illustrated in a briefing the operational and training activities of the Unit. The participants showed particular interested in the precious contribution given by the lessons learnt coming from the different Operational Theatres to the NATO doctrine.

The Multinational CIMIC Group is the only Unit of the Atlantic Alliance to provide with civil-military cooperation assets at operational and tactical level. A particular attention was paid to the MNCG education offer that was appreciated by military personnel and civil workers. So far 1,200 students have been trained by the personnel in service at the Multinational CIMIC Group where a didactic cycle is developed.

The valued convention was directed by the current MNCG Coordinating Committee Chairman Brigadier General Konstantinos Alexopoulos who highlighted the importance of the Multinational CIMIC Group in the International Community as an excellent unit concerning the operational and educational activities. The Multinational CIMIC Group, a multinational and joint forces unit, is specialized in the civil-military cooperation; it is currently part of the NATO Response Forces and it is able to provide with specialist teams that operate in the areas of crisis where the Italian Army is employed.