The Afghan Forces, supported by the Italian advisors, have reinforced their presence and extended their control in Bala Balouk district in Farah province.

Concluded the second phase of advanced support to the Afghan security forces commands

More than 130 Italian advisors from the Train, Advise and Assist Command West (TAAC-W), based on the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade, have concluded the second phase of consultation and advanced support to the Afghan security forces commands (ANDSF) engaged in the Farah province, on the framework of the "Khalid" campaign organized by the Kabul government for guaranteeing security in sensitive areas.

The Expeditionary Advisory Package (EAP) of the TAAC-W, composed of Italian servicepersons and those of the coalition, has worked with the Afghan security forces at the "Thompson" base for two weeks, giving them consultation and support in the organizational and conduct phase of the "Zafar 44" operation in Bala Balouk district, continuing the activities carried out in August in the western area of Farah that is crucial for the stabilization of all the western region. The EAP has planned according to the fundamental principles of the Security Force Assistance (SFA).

The activities carried out by the Army and the Afghan Police (more than 800 servicepersons employed) have determined an improvement of the security in the area, highlighting the efficiency of the training and consultation received by the advisors of the Resolute Support mission. That factors have also permitted the ANDFS to increase their independence in the planning and conduct phases. As the 2nd Brigade Commander has referred (in quality of protagonist of the operation along with police units), among the results gained with the "Zafar 44" more than 16 improvised explosive device (IED) have been deactivated and materials for the packaging of other device have been found.

The external activity of the Train, Advice and Assist for the local Security Forces has represented the result of years of hard work and training for the Italian contingent, with experience acquired and specific professional capabilities gained during the preparation for the mission, in synergy with the local counterparts that have reached high operational standards thanks to the advisors of the Army and the Carabinieri Corps.

The Resolute Support (RS) operation has got the main task of continuing to train, advice and support the ANDFS that have assumed the responsibility to guarantee the security in their Country, in order to make them more efficient in their function.