The Afghan Security Forces, with the assistance of the Italian Army advisors, reacquire the full control of the threatened areas in the Farah province.

100 Italian advisors to conclude the Expeditionary Advisory Package (EAP)

More than 100 Italian advisors from the Train, Advise and Assist Command West, under the Taurinense Alpine Brigade, have concluded the deployment of the Expeditionary Advisory Package (EAP) with an important shura in the Afghan Security Forces Base in Farah.


For about ten days, the Italian soldiers have provided advice and assistance for the organization and implementation of "Khalid", an operation launched by Kabul Government in order to reject and eradicate the threat from terroristic groups in an area that is so crucial for the defence of the western region.


From this perspective, for the Italian contingent the Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) external activity in favor of the 2nd Brigade of the 207th Afghan Army Corps and of the 606th Local Police Command units has represented the culmination of years of training and cooperation with the local counterparts, after a great experience acquired and the specific professional capabilities developed during the preparation of the mission, raising the operational standards.


During the shura, the Governor of the Farah province has thanked the TAAC West personnel for the support, adding that "this operation involved units from the Army and the Police and it allowed to push out the enemies from Afghanistan, freeing up the village of Garjgin whose population could joyfully welcome the arrival of our soldiers".


The Commander of the 2nd Brigade, responsible with the Police Units for the conduction of the operation, has stressed that the activity, eliminating a large number of terrorist cells and cutting off their command structures, did not cause any damage to the population and no one from the afghan soldiers was killed in action. Moreover, the specialist teams, recently trained by Italian advisors, defused many improvised explosive devices (IED) that are the worst threat for civilians.


"It is important that Afghan Security Forces have improved thecapability to train and develop their units in order to support the local authorities in maintaining the security without the international assistance", as the TAAC W Commander General Biagini commented at the end of the sura.


Many helicopters from the Italian Aviation Army have been used in this operation, both the NH90 for team transportation and the A129 "Mangusta" for security, along with the cooperation of an American C-130 aircraft, favoring the implementation of the security measures at the "Dimonios" forward operational base where the TAAC-W advisors were located, by the Alpines of the 2nd Regiment from the Taurinense Brigade.


The TAAC-W staff planned the Expeditionary Advisory Package (EAP), in accordance with the Security Force Assistance (SFA) standard principles, and no Italian Army personnel took part in kinetic actions.


The Security Force Assistance (SFA) is the sum of the activities aiming to facilitate or improve the sustainable development of the Local Security Forces (LSF) and affiliated institutions in crisis areas, also through a direct support.