source: NRDC-ITA

NRDC-ITA ready for the role of Enrf 2018 Land Component Command.

NATO certifies NRDC-ITA as eNRF 2018 Land Component Command

​NRDC-ITA has just completed its "Brilliant Ledger 2017", a command post exercise, based on a complex scenario, able to test the most delicate aspects of modern crises and conflicts. The exercise was carried out at the "Valentino Babini" barracks, where the NRDC-ITA Command was deployed, as well as at the "Ugo Mara" barracks in Solbiate Olona, where the Italian Army Simulation and Validation Center of Civitavecchia, deployed with its Command line, directed the exercise.

The purpose of "Brilliant Ledger 2017" was to test the NRDC-ITA's ability to plan and conduct high intensity operations as the Land Component of the "enhanced" NATO Response Force (eNRF). It is an advanced military tool that allows Alliance to face any threat, either for Collective Defense or in so-called Crisis Response Operations, on very short notice. NRDC-ITA will cover LCC role in 2018, as depicted in the NATO assets long-term rotation plan.

In particular, as Land Component Command of the eNRF will also retain command and control over the Land Force of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), whose task is to ensure the very first and immediate NATO response to possible threats, being on five to fifteen days notice to move. The VJTF consists of highly operational multinational forces, currently enhancing the traditional NRF structure. This tool is also supported by an airborne, maritime and special forces component.

Over 40 military experts from the NATO Allied Land Command of Izmir (Turkey) overwatched the entire evaluation process, whose final phase was conducted during "Brilliant Ledger 2017". This evaluation, whose first phase was carried out in Solbiate Olona, represented a fundamental moment during which strong points and room for improvement in procedures emerged.

The 1st Signal Regiment (Milan) ensured communication and information flow to exercise, in compliance with the highest technology and security standards, while RESTAL (the NRDC-ITA Logistic Support Regiment) provided real life support and transportation.

Also deployed the "Digitalized" Command Post from "Pinerolo" Brigade. A tool that allows the real time dynamic update of the operational situation (situational awareness), through integration of sensors, combat vehicles and single soldiers, reducing communication and information gathering time.

During "Brilliant Ledger 2017" final phase, authorities from NATO and Italian Armed Forces visited the exercise area. In particular, the President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Paolo Alli, during the visit, expressed admiration for competence and professionality showed by trained personnel, under the guide of Command of Solbiate Olona, model of national excellence for the benefit of Alliance.

Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina, NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFC-BS) Commander, was also present, which appreciated organization and deployed systems and the outstanding capabilities of staff and Command Group. General Farina also stated: "NRDC-ITA is a very important resource for NATO, for the Italian Armed Forces and for the protection of peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic Area and beyond." Lieutenant General Darryl A. Williams and Lieutenant General Paolo Ruggiero, respectively Commander and Deputy of NATO Allied Land Command of Izmir, Lieutenant General Riccardo Marchiò, Operational Land Forces and Army Operational Command Commander, Lieutenant General Claudio Berto, Training, Specialization and Doctrine Command Commander, also attended.