source: KFOR

Transfer of Authority at the Adherence Support Group.

Belo Polje: change of command at the Adherence Support Group

The outgoing Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Burti handed over the command of the Adherence Support Group (GSA), a logistic unit deployed at "Villaggio Italia" Camp, to the incoming Lieutenant Colonel Paolo Murru.

The military ceremony was presided by the KFOR Commander, Major General Giovanni Fungo, and by the Italian Contingent and Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W) Commander, Colonel Enzo Ceruzzi.

During the ceremony Colonel Ceruzzi expressed his recognition for the excellent logistic and medical support given by the GSA to the Italian contingent in Kosovo as well as to the multinational component of the Battle Group West led by the 3rd Land Artillery Regiment of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade and constituted by multinational servicepersons from Austria, Moldavia and Slovenia.

During its six-month mission the GSA has planned and managed the flow of supplies as well as the air and naval transports with the motherland; it has also guaranteed the direct support and maintained the logistic efficiency of all the Italian Contingent deployed in Kosovo, contributing to the success of the KFOR mission and constantly performing its duties in support of the maneuvre units employed in military operations. The incoming Adherence Support Group (GSA) is led by the "Julia" Logistic Regiment.