source: General Staff of the Army

Concluded the 2nd Establishment Conference that marks a new step forward for the accreditation of the centre offered by Italy to NATO.

2nd Establishment Conference of the Centre for the Security Force Assistance

The second Establishment Conference of the Centre for the Security Force Assistance (SFA) offered by Italy to NATO has ended in Rome. It has been organized by the Defence General Staff supported by the NATO Allied Command Transformation and it has been one of the phases necessary to make the current national infrastructure a centre of excellence accredited by NATO.

The initiative aimed to discuss the legal aspects but also the Centre operation; it has evoked great interest in the international community, with the participation of 13 Countries that are NATO members and 6 Partners.

The Squadron Admiral Carlo Massagli, Advisor of the Chief of the Defence General Staff, opened the conference welcoming the international delegates: "This project is the result of the operational experience reached with the employment of the Italian Armed Forces in international operations in the last twenty years…and it is also an additional proof of the Italian engagement in the NATO organization".

Later some briefings about the basic SFA concepts have been given and the adhesions of the NATO Nations that will participate in the Centre (located at the Infantry School of the Army in Cesano di Roma) have been collected.

The documents of the Centre of Excellence will be signed during the Signing Ceremony in Norfolk (USA) next December, with the accreditation to NATO in 2018.

The Centre for the Security Force Assistance will have to contribute in the development and the experimentation of concepts and doctrine in the specific field; it will also have to define the models to develop the capabilities in support to the Armed Forces of the NATO members and partners. Moreover the Centre will carry out educational and training activities in favour of instructors, mentors, advisors and foreign personnel employed for the Security Force Assistance.