source: COMALP

3rd Alpine Regiment is “Combat Ready” for NATO operations.

NATO Combat Readiness Evaluation

​ 3rd Alpine Regiment successfully passed NATO CREVAL (Combat Readiness Evaluation).

The evaluation team, come to Pinerolo (TO), headquarters of the unit, at the end of the activity, assessed 3rd Alpine Regiment as “Combat Ready”, thereby certifying the full capability of the unit to contribute to JRRF (Joint Rapid Reaction Forces) assets, that Italy provides to the Atlantic Alliance for potential future action.

During the evaluation, held in the last week of November, the unit was tested in five areas: Administration, Preparation, Operations, Support and Communication Information System.

Under the NATO scenario proposed for the activity (SKOLKAN), the regiment intervened in an “Article V” context, in order to contribute, together with other Allied Forces, towards restoring of violated territorial integrity of a country similar, about morphology, to Estonia.

The first phase of the evaluation was conducted in Pinerolo (TO) and the second in the training areas in Piemonte, where the regiment carried out tactical continuous activities, offensive, defensive and enabling, against a hybrid enemy.

In this context, the Command and Control system of the unit has been particularly complex, with the deployment of the Rear, Tactical, Forward (Command Group) and Step-Up Command Posts, to ensure the continuity of the management of the battle during the monouvre, also in case of neutralization of the main command post.

The result achieved confirms the preparation and training of the alpine unit.