Lebanon, World Blood Donation Day: the Italian servicepersons donate blood in favour of the Lebanese population.

The Italian Army donates blood to the Lebanese Red Cross

On the occasion of the World Blood Donation Day, the Italian servicepersons have given their contribution at the "Millevoi" Barracks to help the local population in the period of Ramadan.

By request of the Lebanese Red Cross, the Italian contingent, led by Brigadier General Francesco Olla, has contributed to keep unchanged the blood reserve of the hospitals in Southern Lebanon that have got deficiencies in the period of Ramadan when Muslims cannot eat and drink during the day.

Brigadier General Olla has expressed his satisfaction for the great participation in the initiative of the Italian servicepersons and the international contingent in the UNIFIL Sector West. The UNIFIL Commander, the Irish General Michael Beary, has also participated in the activity giving his contribution together with the Blue Helmets.

The World Blood Donation Day is promoted by the UN Resolution 58.13 of the World Health Assembly for more than ten years.

In that context, the Italian servicepersons are employed as peacekeepers in Sothern Lebanon making the UN Security Council Resolution n.1701 concrete, thanks to the volunteer support in favour of the local population.