Mine Action Support Group along the Blue Line with the Italian servicemen.

The UNIFIL Contingent for the mine-clearing operation along the border area

Last week the delegation of the Mine Action Support Group (MASG), led by the Ambassador Inigo Lambertini, Deputy Representative of the Italian permanent mission at the UN in New York, visited the Italian military base of the United Nations in Shama.

The MASG coordinates the national programmes that aim to promote the mine-clearing activities and prevent the threat of explosive devices, through financial and informative support. Since January 2016 the MASG has got Italian presidency.

During the visit, a briefing by the Commander of the Joint Task Force – Lebanon, Brigadier General Francesco Olla, has illustrated to the group the daily activities of the Italian contingent for the mine-clearing of areas in Southern Lebanon.

In particular the personnel of MASG has visited the "UN-P 1-31" military base where the Italian servicemen of the 8th "Lancieri di Montebello" Regiment patrol the Blue Line, the border line established by the United Nations on 7th June 2000, but they also guarantee the Force Protection to the units of UNIFIL international contingent that have to carry out mine-clearing operations along the border area, according to the Resolution n.1701 of the UN Council of 2006.

On this framework the servicemen of the "Leonte XXII" Operation, based on the "Grenadiers of Sardinia" Brigade, have concluded informative activities in favour of the local population aiming to increase the danger awareness of some areas and illustrate how to behave in case of the presence of a mine.