source: Resolute Support Mission

Major Nicola Garzone, deployed in Kabul within the framework of “Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan, receives the award “Hero of the week”.

“Award of Hero of the Week for Italian Army Major Nicola Garzone”

Italian Army Major Nicola Garzone received in recent days the award “Hero of the week”, at the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSCT-A) headquarters, in the International Airport of Kabul, in presence of Lieutenant General James E. Rainey (USA) and Combat Sergeant Major Maurice Jackson.

Lieutenant General Salvatore Camporeale, Senior National Representative of the Italian Contingent in Afghanistan and since 10 November Deputy Commander of “Resolute Support” mission (RS), sent his congratulations to the Officer.

Born in Campobasso, 188th Course of Military Academy, “Bersaglieri” specialty, Nicola Garzone is employed in Afghanistan as current operations Staff Officer. Given the award for having been able to manage in the best way land and air vehicles during missions of Training, Advising and Assisting (TAA), that RS personnel carry out daily in Kabul and in the provinces.

CSTC-A is a multinational command, led by USA, under the “Resolute Support” mission, which performs tasks of training, advice and assistance in favor of afghan institutions and local security forces. It is responsible for the management of economic resources from contributing countries and intended for development of projects aimed at building a stable Afghanistan, effective and sustainable security forces and enhancing the rule of law within the afghan borders.

Italy shall ensure to NATO and Republic of Afghanistan its support in terms of men and vehicles. The current national contribution shall provide the deployment of men and women, from all armed forces, in Herat, at the Train, Advice and Assist Command West and in Kabul, where personnel hold mainly posts of staff at the Resolute Support Command. ​