source: COMLOG

Representatives of the Military Veterinary Services of 19 Nations present at the symposium.

The Logistic Command of the Army at the 63rd International Military Veterinary Medical Symposium

The International Military Veterinary Medical Symposium took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) from 15th to 18th May.

Representatives of the Military Veterinary Services of 19 Allied Nations participated in the Symposium organized by the Public Health Command Europe of the American Armed Forces.

At the 63rd edition of the event, representing Italy there were Colonel Giovanni Rucco, Chief of the Veterinary Unit of the Medical and Veterinary Command of the Logistic Command, and Colonel Mario Marchisio, Deputy Commander of the Military Veterinary Centre of Grosseto.

The event has represented an important meeting for the representatives of the different Military Veterinary Services, aiming to increase the professionalism and promote mutual collaboration and cooperation. The Italian delegation presented briefly the dog breeders' capabilities of the Italian Army; moreover it has stressed the importance of the international cooperation for the development of the current dog component of the Army, mentioning the research project carried out in collaboration with the Humanitas Institute in Milan that aims to the untimely diagnosis of the prostate cancer thanks to the assistance of trained dogs. It is a clear example of cooperation between the military and civil branches.

The International Symposium concluded visiting an exposition organized by the 64th and 71st Medical Detachments of the American Army that, for the occasion, prepared an advanced veterinary first aid point.