40 men and women from Afghan National Defense Security Forces concluded the 4th Introduction to Operational Planning Course in Kabul (Afghanistan).

General Camporeale at the Graduation Ceremony

​Yesterday morning in Kabul, at the Afghan Ministry of Defense’s Auditorium, the Deputy Commander of Resolute Support Mission (RS) and Italian Senior National Representative, Lieutenant General Salvatore Camporeale, with the Afghan Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Iqbal Ali Naderi, chaired the graduation ceremony of 40 participants, including 7 women, of the 4th Introduction to Operational Planning Course (IOPC-4).

Many military and civilian authorities were present at the ceremony, including Lieutenant General Mohammad Nazim Payenda, United Training and Doctrine Program Commander, Major General Sayed Jamaluddin, Director Training Education of the Minister of Defense, German Army Brigadier General Markus Kurczyk, from Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A).

After the introduction from the Deputy Minister of Defense, General Camporeale, stressed that IOPC courses are evidence of what NATO is determined to invest in Afghanistan and in particular in staff training. He also recalled that the increasing military pressure, diplomatic and social in Afghanistan and in the Region, confirms that Taliban cannot win militarily. “The international community is with you” - he continued, addressing the Afghans present at the ceremony – “We all believe that Afghanistan and its citizens deserve security and peace and then we will continue to support the Institutions of this Country as long as it required”.

The ceremony continued with the official delivery of the participation certificates to attendees, and the Best Student Award to an outstanding student, for his excellent results achieved. A patch with the colors of the Afghan flag (black, red and green), overcome by the inscription “OP PLANNER”, was also delivered to all, to be fixed on their uniform.

After the ritual group photo, General Camporeale wanted to meet personally some IOPC-4 participants, talking to them about the course just completed, the future and the objectives to be pursued.

IOPCs are planned and organized by Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) Mobile Training Team (MTT), in cooperation with RS Mission advisors; they are performed in favor of personnel, military and civilian, from different Ministers and from Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSFs), intended to receive positions of responsibility in High Command, Departments and main Afghan teams.

To date, in the context of these courses, 160 men and women from ANDSF were trained. The aim of these activities is to train personnel to operate within staff with the task of operational planning responsibility, but not only that: the objective is also to ensure that the Afghans can play a leading role in organizing and conducting future training activities. At the forthcoming IOPC, the JFCBS instructors’ team will organize, between next June and July, a Train-the-Trainers 2-week seminar, in order to identify 15 among the best afghan instructors, to whom those specific notions and skills shall be transmitted, to train themselves future operation planners.

Formation and training of ANDSFs staff are part of Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) activities of Resolute Support, a NATO mission, started on 1st January 2015 at the end of IASF operation, in which 41 different Countries are involved. Its aim is to contribute to training, assistance and counseling in favor of Local Institution and Security Forces, in order to facilitate conditions for establishing a constitutional state, credible and transparent institutions and, more importantly, self-sustaining and well-equipped Security Forces, able to assume the task to protect the Country and the population.