source: General Staff of the Army

General Errico has officiated the 4th Forum of the Chiefs of General Staff of the European Armies in Rome.

Concluded in Rome the 4th Forum of the Chiefs of General Staff of the European Armies

The 4th Forum edition of the Chiefs of General Staffs of the European Countries concluded yesterday in Rome, in presence of the Minister of Defence Sen. Roberta Pinotti and the Chief of the Defence General Staff General Claudio Graziano. This edition was officiated by the Chief of General Staff of the Army Lieutenant General Danilo Errico who conducted two days of speeches and debates on the main theme: "Managing diverse challenges and transformational paths: an effort by the Chiefs of the European Armies into creating shared understanding and unity of intent".

The representatives of the Armies of more than 30 Nations, among which also the Countries participant in the "5+5 initiative" (the forum of collaboration aiming to promote the debate on security problems between the Countries of the western Mediterranean) talked about different issues in order to create a unity of intent and a shared understanding of the challenges to the security of the European continent, trying to analyze them in a unique strategic plan of regional security.

During one of his speeches, General Errico stated that "today a joint effort is necessary in order to share our fundamental values and essential interests, studying collective forms of collaboration and integrations between the European Armies, starting from a shared understanding of the different threats in the strategic context of reference, in order to create a safer, peaceful and prosperous Europe".

Among the participants there were also the most important Euro-Atlantic military Institutions such as the European Union Military Committee Chairman (EUMC) and the Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

During the meeting the participants had the possibility to visit an exposition of technological products at the cutting edge shown by companies such as Leonardo, Iveco, Beretta, PeztCo. and Sharp.