source: General Staff of the Army

The Chief of General Staff of the Army at the celebration for the 4th November, National Unity and Armed Forces’ Day.

“The Army celebrates the National Unity and Armed Forces’ Day”

​During the celebration of the National Unity and Armed Forces' Day, chaired in Rome by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the Chief of General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Danilo Errico paid tribute to Fallen of all the wars, attending to the laying of a laurel crown on the Tomb of the "Unknown Soldier", at the Altar of the Country. 


For the occasion, the Head of State, with the Minister of Defence, Sen. Roberta Pinotti, and the Chief of Defence, General Claudio Graziano, decorated the flags of 6th "Bersaglieri" Regiment and 7th "Vega" Army Aviation Regiment with the Cross of "Knight" of the Military Order of Italy, for the admirable courage, dedication and tenacity, showed by men and women serving in both units, during their service in many peace keeping and humanitarian relief operations, under NATO and UN, risking their own life for achieving the objectives.


Then, General Errico went to Military Sacrarium of Redipuglia, where, together with the Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea Conservation, Dr. Barbara Degani, welcomed the President of Senate, Sen. Pietro Grasso, representative of the President of Republic, who received the honors of a Joint parade, headed by the Flag of 2nd "Piemonte Cavalleria" Regiment and the fanfare of "Julia" Alpine Brigade.


 In a touching moment, the President of the Senate, in front of the troops of the Armed Forces and the colors of the Veterans and Arms Associations, among the crowd of people present at the Sacrarium and with the sound of "La Leggenda del Piave", laid a wreath to Fallen memory, just before the lighting of the tripods and the lecture of the prayer for the Country.


The lecture of the motivation of the awarding of the Military Valour Gold Medal to the Unknown Soldier was given to 94-year-old woman Paola Del Din, decorated with the same medal for acts of heroism during Second World War. Enlisted and trained by English Special Forces, she was the first Italian military female paratrooper and maybe the only one that made a war launch. During the war, in her early 20s, she carried secret documents across occupied Italy.


"To be at Redipuglia today, it is a tribute to those who, soldiers and civilians knew war sacrifice – Senator Grasso stated – Each of us, every Italian family have at least a relative among these names and the sacrifice of these heroes, died for the Country, cannot and must not be forgotten.


The ceremony ended amid applause of many of the citizens and school groups, come from different Italian regions, to pay tribute to the memory of those heroes who donated their life for the Country.