End of “Intrepid Knight” exercise for 28th “Pavia” Regiment of Pesaro.

28th “Pavia” Regiment conducts “Intrepid Knight” exercise in Carpegna

“Intrepid Knight” exercise, one of the main training event for 28th Regiment, the only reality of operational communication of the Defence, ended at Military Range in Carpegna (PU).
In this exercise, operating, staff procedures, and annual personnel training were tested, simulating a typical operational scenario of “Crisis Response Operations” (CRO).

This year the presence of American and British Officers and NCOs, specialized in operational communication, allowed an effective integration of NATO tactics and procedures, by providing a multinational connotation to the exercise.

Focus of this edition was the implementation of “new media” capability in the communication management and the operational compatibility of the Regiment with other assets of the Army, such as 41st “Cordenons” Regiment of Sora and 185th RAO Regiment in Livorno. Moreover, the deployment of a helicopter type NH90, from 7th “Vega” Regiment in Rimini, allowed the execution of a “Leaflets Air Drop (LAD)”, in the beginning of a simulation of “Local Leader Engagement”, in which 28th Regiment employed rare language expert personnel.

The Commander of the Italian Army Special Forces, Brigade General Ivan Caruso, present during the final phase of the exercise, congratulated the trained staff, remarking positively the complete achievement of the fixed training objectives in a multinational context and the logistic effort assured by the Regiment, full autonomy in exercise organization and conduction.